Real Retro: Simplicity Blouse

Simplicity 2195

My Real Retro pattern for this month is the Simplicity 2195. I went with the version with sleeves because I thought it looked more vintage. I used a cheap broadcloth because I wasn’t sure on how it would fit and I didn’t feel like doing a muslin (gasp I know, lazy seamstress).

The blouse had an interesting construction- the whole thing was put together, and then the side seams were sewn up. I kind of liked this. 
Here’s the mostly finished shirt:

 I’m not posting any pics of the final shirt because I had the brilliant idea to embroider on it, and totally goofed it up. But these pre-embroidery pics give a good idea. I wanted to add something more because it looked a little Martha Stewart for my taste. The shirt is a bit boxy. I haven’t decided if I want to pull off the front panel and redo it to remove the failed embroidery, or just call it a loss.

I do think this could be a cute pattern with some adjustments to the shoulder shaping. I might try it again later on.

I do love the color though and I’ll probably use the rest of the fabric for another blouse.

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