Copy Cat: Peter Pan Blouse

For my modern retro interpretation I chose to do Simplicity 1693.

I like this one because it has a cut similar to a 1950’s blouse. It also has a little back closure which is super vintage. I decided to do the top left version, but add sleeves. I like sleeves because I live in a climate that is only super warm about 3 months a year. Sleeves are the mid-westerner’s friend. I used a swiss dot that had been sitting in my stash for a while, because this blue will match a ton of my skirts.

I also decided to add front pleats, like the inspiration photo I put on my mood board. I found this Awesome tutorial on UpCraftClub that shows how to add pleats to any pattern. Here’s the finished blouse:
I added some tiny pearlized buttons from Joann’s to complete the front. Sorry for the kitchen photos- it was raining and really bad lighting when I took these.

Back Closure with button!

Overall This pattern turned out super cute, and I would definitely sew it again!

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