About Me

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Here is my challenge to myself: For the next year I will attempt to be a pinup girl. There will be heels and pin curls and crinolines. There will be cat eyes and vintage scarves. I have played with the style before, but now I will commit. I have always been obsessed with pinups, the 50’s, rockabilly and anything retro.
In everyday life I work at a fabric store and freelance as a costume designer, actress and model. I specialize in historical reproductions and zombies. (I used to be the costumer for a Halloween attraction. Zombies and I are buds)
When I’m not making a Renaissance corset or slashing up wedding dresses for the undead I get to feed my addiction for vintage- especially the 1940’s and 1950’s. I collect vintage patterns to legitimize the enlarging hoard that is my fabric stash.
Do you love Vintage? Follow me as I navigate the world of retro and pinup. Let me teach you about fabric, the history of garments, costume and period construction, retro knitting patterns, and whatever else I stumble upon. Watch me figure out the ups and downs of pattern design and classy dressing. May the sewing begin!

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