Real Retro: Simplicity Blouse

Simplicity 2195

My Real Retro pattern for this month is the Simplicity 2195. I went with the version with sleeves because I thought it looked more vintage. I used a cheap broadcloth because I wasn’t sure on how it would fit and I didn’t feel like doing a muslin (gasp I know, lazy seamstress).

The blouse had an interesting construction- the whole thing was put together, and then the side seams were sewn up. I kind of liked this. 
Here’s the mostly finished shirt:

 I’m not posting any pics of the final shirt because I had the brilliant idea to embroider on it, and totally goofed it up. But these pre-embroidery pics give a good idea. I wanted to add something more because it looked a little Martha Stewart for my taste. The shirt is a bit boxy. I haven’t decided if I want to pull off the front panel and redo it to remove the failed embroidery, or just call it a loss.

I do think this could be a cute pattern with some adjustments to the shoulder shaping. I might try it again later on.

I do love the color though and I’ll probably use the rest of the fabric for another blouse.

April Mood Board

 It’s hard to believe April is already here! This year I will be writing about going vintage through sewing both old and new patterns with a vintage feel. This month’s theme is blouses! One of the hardest things about getting a good vintage look is finding blouses that are versatile and retro looking. Here’s my mood board for the vintage pattern I am going to sew for the Real Retro category (this means I’m using an actual vintage pattern:
After that, I will also sew something vintage looking based on a modern pattern. For the blouse category I’m leaning toward Simplicity 1693. Here’s my mood board for that. 
I’m really feeling the blues and teals that are popular in fashion and home decor this year. Minty teal is a great retro color.
What are you sewing this month? Please comment below and tell me about your current projects. And don’t forget to follow me to see how my projects turn out!